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About Us

Calzur International Corp. is a leading supplier in resources and expertise providing products and services for economies. Our company works together with industry leaders covering financial services, energy, infrastructures, and transportation and more. Over the years, we have grown strong capabilities for resource integration with an extensive global network, being able to create world-class projects seeking to expand in the international market.

Our Business

Our goal is for our customers to grow through new investments, strong partnerships and optimization of resources, which we help to reach. We in Calzur International Corp. build a team that truly understands your business, the industry and help you find the capital to start. Calzur International Corp.provides financial services with our partners, but we also help you build your idea.

The group can perform integrated services for particular projects, ranging from:

• feasibility studies
• engineering

• supply
• construction

• maintenance
• plant management

Financial Services

Calzur International Corp. through a group of companies can provide financing services to a diversified client base, including governments and corporations. Our company is capable of offering the most competitive terms when rendering assistance in obtaining financing to clients.

We can promptly obtain financing against the most spread types of financial instruments such as:

Bank Guarantee (BG)
Standby letters of Credit (SBLC)

Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Medium Term note (MTN)

Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR)
Custodial Safe Keeping Receipt (CSKR)


Calzur International Corp. has vast expertise and knowledge within the infrastructure field. Our industrial approach provides governments and private institutions with quality infrastructure, roads and freeways, including design, engineering and execution of projects in diverse areas and industries to meet and service society and economic needs.

Transportation, Water
and Electric Power

Calzur International teams up with companies that have independent development, massive manufacturing and standard service of railway locomotives, passenger trains, freight wagons, bullet trains, metro vehicles and relevant parts. Our company can undertake and complete the building and construction of hydroelectric plants, thermal power plants, water utilities, ports and waterways, and technological services for electrical production.

Electric power &
Alternative sources

Calzur International Corp. has worked in collaboration with companies to develop the capability to found, design, construct and operate refineries, pipelines, oil terminals, and production facilities. The experience acquired in over 11 years has specialized Calzur International Corp. in doing business and supplying different products, solutions, and systems for a wide range of projects, including the electrical field. Looking forward to explore new technologies to develop new ideas for alternative sources of energy.


Other Products

Calzur International Corp. has a wide spectrum of products from Ecuador to offer the international market. These products are carefully selected and ordered directly from local growers, fishers and artisans.



hand made artisan product
shrimp and fish

Contact Us

10850 N.W 21 ST. Suite 100
MIAMI, FL. 33172, USA
Telf. (954) 317 - 3889. FAX. (775) 256 - 2060

Av. Colón 535 y 6 de Diciembre oficina. 804
Telf. (593) 290 - 6522 / 24. FAX. (593) 290 - 6523